If we are what we eat, then we’re all just a little bit Asian.

Season 4 of Lucky Chow is a celebration of America at its most diverse, delightful, and delicious with each episode exploring the rich and complex Asian-American experience through the lens of food.  

Join Danielle Chang, founder of Lucky Chow, and William Li, her new co-host, as they meet fascinating Asian-Americans and help narrate their personal stories about their uniquely American experiences.  


From legendary farmers and next-generation chefs to innovative entrepreneurs and intriguing storytellers, Danielle and William will introduce viewers to stories of courage, hope, ambition, and success, while also reflecting on their own unique Asian-American heritage. 


Season 4 of Lucky Chow is a sumptuous feast for the mind, heart, and palette and guaranteed to leave viewers with a deeper understanding of Asian cuisine and spirit.


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